Many client companies find that over time there are unique processes to their business that simply do not fit into any software package very neatly. Therefore, to align the software to their business, these clients need customization of the applications in the form of screen changes, logic changes, or perhaps even database changes. 

N2N Global’s application development teams provide on demand services for clients needing customized solutions for their business. 

In order to customize the application, N2N Client Services professionals sit down with the client and define the business need. Thereafter a design document is composed to help translate the business requirement to a technical language for a product manager’s review. Next, the product manager and developer sit down to provide an estimate of what such a change might cost. Finally, this estimate is provided back to the client for their consideration. All changes made to the application are incorporated into base source code to ensure program stability with each version upgrade. 

Clients that have chosen code customization for their business share that the application matches 90% or more of their business processes, which is key to the return on investment.

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