Consolidate All Farm Data and Manage Profit and Loss to the Acre or Lot


Case Level Traceability

“Our relationship with N2N has allowed us to be the leader in food traceability, we can now take every box and know where it was packed, when it was packed, who grew it, where the fruit went, what retailer bought it, what other boxes went to that retailer, what other growers were with it on that truck load; and N2N scaled that up with us…I don’t think we could have done that with anyone else.”

— Bryan Mains, Washington Fruit & Produce Co.

N2N Global’s Knowledge integrated Software Suite (KiSS) is a proven, integrated agribusiness enterprise resource planning application suite developed from the ground up specifically to meet the unique demands of fresh and processed food businesses.


As our flagship agribusiness solution and enterprise resource planning software, KiSS gives you the ability to address every facet of your business, all from a single integrated platform. This seamless combination of farming, ranching, and business functionality helps bring a new level of farm management capability integrated with inventory, warehouse, and financial administration.


As a result, you not only optimize the way you grow products, but also how you bring them to market. Plus, by lowering your operational expenses through the superior integration of agribusiness-specific functionality, such as farm management, inventory, sales, accounting, and reporting, KiSS is able to help you save money and gain market share.


Only N2N Global is uniquely positioned to offer this type of value to our clients. Not only is our architecture integrated and maximized for data capture, it makes it possible for you to utilize gathered data in order to make faster, more profitable decisions at every level of your operation. So in addition to having data flow freely within your operation, KiSS enables your inventory to also flow freely and accurately.


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