Global’s Quality & Food Safety Manager “QFSM” is an enterprise software solution that helps manage Food Safety protocols based on Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points or “HACCP” standards.


N2N’s QFSM assists clients with managing
 the documentation, reporting, communication, education, and auditing requirements surrounding global food safety standards.



High standards for 
quality and food safety


Danish Crown is the world’s second largest slaughter house and the world’s largest meat exporter. As a co-operative, food safety across multiple locations can be a logistical nightmare. Adding to the challenges are the markets to which the company sells. Danish Crown realized that food safety was not just some marketing issue but a serious business necessity.


Long term solution
 to documentation needs


As early as 1992 the first initiatives were taken to establish a system that could handle the documentation of food safety controls. Danish Crown was well aware that the overall amount of documentation would be huge. In 1996 Danish Crown determined that a long term solution would be of more value than simply a document management solution.


“We have many production locations and the documentation and the guidelines we have across all locations are very similar. But we found the maintenance of the food safety programs very manually intensive whenever something changed. From our systems at the time, which consisted of Word and Excel, we had to print new guidelines and distribute them by ordinary mail to the managers at the production locations who then had to remove obsolete guidelines and replace them with the new ones,” Bent Olsen explains.


Database solution 
ensures reuse of data


N2N Global’s Quality & Food Safety Manager was implemented and adapted to Danish Crown’s requirements. “A very obvious advantage of N2N Food Safety Manager is that the solution builds on a single database. Thus, we have only one place to maintain our guidelines in order for them to be updated at all production locations,” says Marianne Skalshøj, Quality Control Coordinator at Danish Crown. This thereby ensures consistent communication of enterprise standards to each and every location and every staff member involved in quality assurance and food safety oversight.


Another advantage of N2N Global’s QFSM is that all collected data is available for built-in reporting. Since information is stored in the database, those with security clearance can see how a control point has behaved within a given period of time. Danish Crown has chosen to make use of this advantage to improve production efficiency. An example might be evaluating customer complaints on a product versus the adherence to critical control points.


Reports like these have helped Danish Crown find areas for improvement even when deviations did not occur.


Automated collection of data


The most exciting areas for the food safety department were the utilization of mobile devices to collect data. With the instructions tab and pictures capability, staff members can reference easy to use guides to make sure data is collected in an accurate manner. Thus production can continue without interruption. “The mobile data collection was designed in cooperation with clients to make sure that the device was intuitive and practical for the environments in which they operated,” stated Ole Mygind, Product Manager for Quality & Food Safety Manager.


After 15 years as a client, Danish Crown is continually recognized internationally as a leader in food safety and quality assurance. Danish Crown remains an N2N Global client and both companies continue to work together to enhance features of the solution for a best practices environment.