At N2N Global, we understand that at times you or your suppliers may experience production errors that must be handled diligently and accurately. Whether the batch of dough did not have enough yeast to make the dough rise, or (worst case) if we have a production run test positive for salmonella, QFSM’s Incident Management helps you notify your employees, customers, and consumers (where appropriate) to get product out of the supply chain in under 2 hours.


Incident management System or “IMS” assist companies with crisis communication and a robust process to notify key individuals of the circumstances for rapid deployment of corrective measures. Beginning with the notification from operations, the internal lab, or even a regulatory body, client users create the “Incident” and initiate phone calls to a directory list of contacts. From there a call is initiated to the list of contact, who are them prompted to a website. From the call recipients obtain access to the IMS Portal and complete a series of steps to initiate a response to the communication. Recipients of the calls are then prompted to follow a series of steps to ensure the sub-par or contaminated product has been destroyed, placed on hold, or otherwise kept from being consumed. The results of the Incident are then reported to the “Incident Manager” for immediate reporting to management or executives. Clients can also decide to initiate further calls to those that may not have responded to an initial set of dial outs.


Scripts for calls can be templates or dynamically created.


N2N Global offers a hosted solution by which users can set up their company and contact information continually for immediate deployment of an “incident” when needed. Customers and employees accessing the Incident Management Portal receive real time, critical information to help expedite the product withdrawal process.


For companies trying to ensure that they have the most proactive means by which to reach employees, managers, and customers in the event of calamity, Incident Management offers you a proven solution to communicate quickly and thoroughly with your customers, trading partners, and employees.



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