Quality Assurance & Food Safety Management is an ever diverse and changing dimension of your company. More and more departments are contributing to this function in your operations, creating more data than most can reasonably analyze and process.

So how can you effectively and efficiently automate your food safety program to achieve better oversight via real-time information, better results, and better enterprise compliance?


With the only software solution in the industry that can do it all! N2N Global’s Quality & Food Safety Manager (QFSM) platform is a suite of solutions designed to bring all your departments together on a single solution set completely designed for enterprise oversight of your Quality Assurance & Food Safety Programs.


QFSM starts with your suppliers in Partner Management. It ensures documents and files are in order and that your Suppliers have verified your Specifications or adequately provided you with their Specifications. Partner Management includes the automatic uploading of COA’s and matches them to Purchase Order so that when the truck arrives with product, your receiving operator knows whether to accept or deny a load. It also captures certifications and corresponding expiration dates while automatically contacting Suppliers when they are close to expiration.


QFSM continues on to the lab where testing may be occurring with the sampling of lots or the sampling of production batches. Laboratory Information Management Systems or LIMS is now an integrated part of your Quality Assurance and Food Safety program with QFSM. And when a lot or batch needs to be placed on hold or destroyed, the information is transmitted seamlessly to the right people from the lab.


Quality & Food Safety Manager (QFSM) also focuses on the daily tasks related to your HACCP based programs and your Pre-Requisite Programs (PRP) like Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), or even the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA). The same software used for these programs can also manage your pre-operations checklists, your Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP), and any other logs you are keeping in your company. Whether you are trying to pass a GFSI audit or attempting to gain your ISO 9000 certification, QFSM helps you implement a program that not only keeps you passing audits, but helps your perform at your best every day.


QFSM also assists with both manual and automatic temperature monitoring. Whether it is water temperatures, walk in coolers, or ovens and hot holding areas, QFSM enables Quality Assurance & Food Safety departments to better manage temperature controls throughout their company whether it is in geographically remote locations or simply in the front of the house in a salad bar.


QFSM also includes a Product Recovery & Dial-Out solution. Product Recovery involves the recall of product from the supply chain and includes the building on an audit trail to ensure sub-par product or contaminated product has been safely and quickly removed from the supply chain. The Dial out offers a mass communication system by which companies can communicate via phone, email, and messaging streams to contact employees, managers, customers, and trading partners.


QFSM includes a series of reporting features and communications elements that notify key stakeholders in the event of an issue based upon Risk Level and Employee Role. With the Addition of VISION (N2N Global’s Business Analytics offering), clients gain the ability to identify downward trends in their operations before a problem occurs. Now executives and managers can analyze the vast amount of data that is being collected in their company in many places and by many different contingents so that examination is done on a continual basis of everything from logs to lab analyses and partner information.


With the KiSS- ERP solution, QFSM fully integrates to a full pedigree traceability solution that enables quick and timely reporting of the location, destination, and history of all products that has passed through your four walls.

Quality & Food Safety Manager (QFSM) is the only solution in the world that integrates the many facets of Quality Assurance & Food Safety Management. QFSM was built for the food industry by Quality Assurance & Food Safety professionals just like you.

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