Large enterprises have an onerous task relative to food safety and quality. It is not enough that the demands are high from government regulations, industry compliance, third parties audits, and internal quality programs, but add these to the fact that most large enterprises rely heavily on grower / packer / shippers for food safety and quality as well in the products they deliver. These companies have a dual responsibility of not only how they handle the product once it is in their passion, but also how was the product handled by their suppliers.


The large enterprise is responsible for the food safety and quality of the food supply chain because these companies own the relationship with the consumer as well as the brand risk if there is an issue. More Information


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Application Enhancements

Many client companies find that over time there are unique processes to their business that simply do not fit into any software package very neatly. Therefore, to align the software to their business, these clients need customization of the applications in the form of screen changes, logic changes, or perhaps even database. More Information