Traceability Source is a free service offered by N2N Global ( This service allows consumers to quickly locate the original source of a retail unit. It also extends a company’s traceability solution from the case level to the item level.


The consumer retrieves the traceability source item number from the item itself. They then log onto the Traceability Source website and select the company that owns that item. This will bring the consumer to that supplier’s company page, which gives the consumer general information about that supplier and various related links. The consumer then inputs the traceability source item number while on that company’s page to reveal the item detail page that shows all of the appropriate traceability information and more.


Each supplier that uses Traceability Source is given the ability to create pages on the site, conveying information about their company and source information about the item they are including with this service. This is done with the assistance of templates created by N2N Global and made available to suppliers that use this service. Each template allows suppliers to convey information about their company and about the items they include with this service, while allowing flexibility of photos, videos, links and/or other information the supplier wishes to share with the consumer.

In addition, as multiple items can come from the same source, the service allows suppliers to enter information in ranges of numbers, in order to accommodate multiple items having the same source information. This dramatically reduces the time a supplier spends updating the site.